KDM Leasing and Consultancy Center was founded in November 2008 in Istanbul by Murat İzci.

As a project and concept development, leasing and management company, KDM offers its services to shopping centers and retail industry with its team that successfully executes and develops the business by taking rapid decisions.

So far, it has offered project and concept development, leasing, and management services to 75 shopping centers in Turkey and neighboring countries. KDM is a member of AMPD (Council of Shopping Centers Investors and Retailers), AYD (Council of Shopping Centers Investors) and ICSC (International Council of Shopping Centers).

With its long years of experience in the national and international retail and real estate industries, KDM team provides the most appropriate and advanced analyzes, feasibility, architectural project development, concept creation, office & residence management works, suggestions, consultancy and accurate and on-site information for shopping center investors.

KDM offers its services in four main areas.
• Investment and Project Consultancy
• Leasing and Re-Leasing
• Management and Management Consultancy
• Property Management and Street Leasing

Code of ethics constitutes the most important framework for KDM in all business relations and activities.

High-Quality Management
Our sensitivity for high-quality is valid not only for business activity but for our management, staff and company culture as a whole.

We believe that reliability is a key feature. Mutual trust forms the basis in our business life and our relations with our investors, industry, organizations, employees and the public.

Respect for the Environment and Human
We believe that respect for the environment and human is one of our most important and fundamental tasks.

Improving the Quality of Life and Work
We are aware of our responsibility in improving life quality and quality in business life with the right information, right research, and investments.

Human Oriented Approach
We believe a human-oriented approach forms the basis for high-quality management and customer satisfaction. We aim to work to increase the living standards of people through useful and effective activities.