KDM Management & Management Consultancy services are considered in two categories. The first of these is the development of a management system for the relevant property; the second is the operational analysis and support of the existing management system.

In the first stage of the study, budget items in international standards are prepared to determine an operating expense in any commercial building.

For the shopping centers in operation, KDM offers services such as 'financial reporting', 'general business management', 'contract organizations', 'personnel training', 'financial & accounting management', 'mechanical & electrical audits', 'legal process management', 'property audit', 'responding to tenant needs and demands' and 'planned maintenance system organization'.

KDM also advises on strategies concerning studies required concerning issues such as the parts of a property to be evacuated, re-leased or renovated, or the measures to be taken to increase its efficiency. It also supports the regulation of relations with existing tenants, performance of efficiency analysis and development of collaborative works.

With the annual and periodic work support it gives in marketing advertising promotion activities, it helps the improvement of long-term brand awareness, sales, and customer loyalty.

  • Preparation of annual operation plan, target budget, and departmental budgets
  • Establishment of the management team according to shopping center organization chart
  • Training and guiding the shopping center management staff
  • Identification and management of cleaning, security, technical and all other subcontractors
  • Preparation and application of the annual marketing plan and promotion plan needed to increase tenant turnover and number of visitors
  • Making a detailed financial budget analysis and reporting to the investor monthly
  • Weekly assessment of the performance of the shopping center, financial analysis reporting, and cash flow monitoring
  • Detailed follow-up of the payment of rental fees on tenant basis and reporting to the investor monthly
  • Control of common area and other general expenses, detailed monitoring on expense basis and reporting
  • Contract preparation and follow-up
  • Conducting tenant and management audits